Top 5 Essential Tips For Desert Hiking

Hiking in the desert is potentially dangerous and can turn life threatening. The temperatures in the desert hiking can move from below freezing to above 150 F within the span of a single day. Before venturing out on a desert hike, make sure you know where you are headed. Be aware of the limitations of a GPS system working in the desert hiking. Do not travel alone. Before going for a desert hike, do let people know where you are going.

Although there are few marked desert hiking trails in Death Valley, adventurous hikers are free to explore nearly anywhere they like. The endless possibilities include remote canyons, mountains and even sand dunes. The desert hiking terrain can be unpredictable and weather changes quickly, so hikers need to be prepared for almost anything.                                        Desert Hiking

First Aid Kit

A basic first aid kit can be your best friend if minor cuts, scraps or other injuries occur. In the event of a major emergency, your first aid kit can be your lifeline. A basic kit may include: elastic bandages, Ace wraps, first aid tape, a pocket knife, itch relief stick, band aids, moleskin, over the counter anti-inflammatory or pain medications, antibiotic wipes, fire-starter (matches or a lighter), a small headlamp or flashlight, a whistle and a small roll of duct tape.


What good is that map going to do you if you can’t determine where on it you are? That’s where a handy compass comes in, and you’ll need to know how to use it before you head for the trailhead. This top-rated Suunto M-3D Leader Compass has an adjustable declination scale that accounts for the difference between magnetic and true north an important feature to have. In Washington state, magnetic North is 20-22° east of true North. This compass has a lanyard key that adjusts the scale to match your location.

Energy-Loaded Food

Hiking is an endurance sport and what you eat in hot arid weather is important. Energy-loaded food is essential for endurance  but how much to eat depends upon your fitness level, exercise intensity, and hiking trips time. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, endurance athletes should consume 30 to 60 grams (100 to 250 calories) of carbohydrates per hour while exercising.

Water and purification

We’re lucky in the Northwest that sources of freshwater are abundant on many trails, but you shouldn’t just do the dip-and-sip (dipping your Nalgene bottle in a stream and drinking up), at least not if you want to stay healthy. Backcountry water needs to be purified first so it doesn’t make you sick from giardia. Always carry extra water and purification tablets or a water filter with you when you hike. I have used this lightweight Katadyn filter for more than ten years and it’s never let me down.

Layer Your Clothing

Desert temperatures can change drastically and quickly. The best way to be prepared is to dress in layers. Start with a wicking base layer, such as an active t-shirt and bring a warmer midweight layer and a waterproof/windproof top layer for unexpected winds and rain.Choose lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing for the intense heat of the sun and to allow sweat to evaporate. A brimmed hat and sunscreen are also essential desert attire.


Top 5 Health Benefits of Hiking

Hiking is good for your health benefits. But do you know just how good it is? If you are heading out for a hike this Memorial Day weekend, take note of all the good you are doing for your body. the healthy doesn’t always mean long hours spent in the gym. Hiking is a great way of keeping fit, by developing your cardiovascular system and burning off fat and calories. It is also a social and scenic activity that can boost your self-confidence and feelings of well-being.

Hiking benefits can help to keep best physical body and mental body in the shape that they should be in to maintain a healthy benefits. Since walking is considered to be the best form of exercise that you can do in order to keep your body as fit as possible, hiking seems to fit that bill. It is easy to get started with and the costs are minimal. The best part is that you do not have to join a gym in order to enjoy the health benefits of hiking.                    Benefits of Hiking

Increases fitness

Increases fitness Just one hour of trekking can burn well over 500 calories, depending on the level of incline and the weight of the pack you’re carrying. Hiking trails are often softer on joints than asphalt or concrete, so it’s easier on your ankles and knees compared to running. If you head for the hills, weight loss results are even better. Not only are you burning serious calories, but altitude itself has also proven to be a weight loss ally.


Hypertension is often referred to as the silent killer since symptoms are often undetectable and it can lead to heart attack, stroke, and other serious problems.Physical activity such as hiking lowers blood pressure 4-10 points and regaining a normal body weight can lower it 5-20 points.

Tones the whole body

Regular walking can get your butt in better shape, but taking on sharp inclines, using trekking poles to propel you forward, and clambering over rocks gives your body an all-over workout. Physiologically, you’re going to work your whole body, especially the lower body namely the quads, glutes and hamstrings. If you’re carrying a pack, then you’re going to challenge the strength and endurance of your upper body as well.


The number of Americans with diabetes is up almost 50 percent from 1983. According to Richard Eastman of the Diabetes Institute, this increase is caused by, among other things, increased rates of obesity and a lack of physical activity.

Lower blood pressure

Hiking through the trails on a regular basis decreases blood pressure and cholesterol, thus reducing the danger of heart disease, diabetes and stroke for those at high-risk. In fact, hiking downhill is two times more effective at removing blood sugars and improving glucose tolerance.

Best Hikes in Bryce Canyon National Park

The Best Hikes in Bryce Canyon’s landscape is unique there’s nothing quite like it anywhere else on earth. Views from the canyon rim are spectacular, but the views are even better when you hike down in among the hoodoos and other interesting formations. Below we list some of the more popular hiking trails.

Bryce Canyon offers several day hiking trails. Because many of these are interconnected, our most popular hikes are combinations of two or more of these basic trails. The hiking trails are divided into three categories of difficulty. Starting at Cedar Breaks National Monument, then Bryce Canyon, walking among rock formations and pink “hoodoos”, perhaps the most unusual display of erosive forms on Earth. Discover the hidden secrets left behind by ancient civilizations of incomparable landscapes of Utah’s canyon country.            Bryce Canyon

Rim Trail

(Bryce Canyon National Park): This underrated trail is a delight, providing splendid views down into spectacularly scenic Bryce Amphitheater from a variety of vantage points over its 5 1/2-mile length. More walking than hiking, the Rim Trail includes a half mile section between two overlooks Sunrise and Sunset that is suitable for wheelchairs. Views are especially fine early in the morning, when you can watch the changing light on the red rocks below.

Mossy Trail

The Mossy Trail is an easy hike without significant elevation change. The entire mile-long round trip is different from the rest of Bryce Canyon National Park. To locate the trail, drive past the Bryce Canyon entrance and keep going north until you see a small trailhead sign to your right. This is a nice stream-side walk to a small waterfall and a small mossy overhang or cave. The Mossy Cave Trail is a wonderful hike to take kids or to find solitude away from the main amphitheater.

Queens Garden Trail

This is a short trail and although there is a climb, it is considered to be the least difficult trail leading below the rim. Begin at Sunrise Point and descend below the canyon rim, but keep in mind that the uphill climb is a steep one. Know your limits. The trail does not loop, but there is the option to combine with Navajo loop.

Navajo Loop Trail

A moderately difficult loop from the rim at Sunset Point descending immediately downward into a series of switchbacks. The descent drops 520′ in less than a mile. At the end of the switchbacks, the limestone slot canyon section begins. Walls close in tight with only a narrow walkway in some sections of the trail. In the midst of Wall Street, two towering Douglas Firs are thriving. The lower limbs of the tree are void of leaves due to the lack of sunlight, but the top of the tree is heavy in foliage. Read More…

Unforgettable Trip To Peru

This unforgettable trip will see you ponder the magical Nazca Lines, marvel at the beautiful architecture of Arequipa and wander through the spectacular Colca Valley. This adventure takes you to the mystical mountain of Machu Picchu where you’ll see the world as the ancient Inca civilization did.

Offering adventure tours in Peru was a natural progression for us; one of our Kiwi guides, Phil, had spent years in South America and saw the potential, for Active to craft unique adventure tours making the most of Peru’s vast lakes, mountains and jungle.                                                                            unforgettable trip

Where else in the world can you trek for three days to arrive at a mystical Inca citadel perched on a mountain top? Or kayak the highest navigable lake in the world to a floating village made completely of reeds? It’s this convergence of discovering an alluring ancient culture, meeting fascinating people and exploring the stunning natural landscapes that make our Peru hiking and adventure tours unforgettable trip.

Peru Christmas Trip

Spend an unforgettable trip holiday season traveling Peru, amongst some of the greatest wonders of the world. View Peru is offering a variety of Peru and Machu Picchu tours for Christmas and New Years that will create an extraordinary experience during this special time of year. Imagine, waking up on Christmas morning in the magical lost city of Machu Picchu accompanied by a private guide and all of the luxury you could imagine.

Customizable Peru Trip

you need the support of an experienced and knowledgeable travel agent to make the most out of your Peru and Machu Picchu journey. Our priority is to ensure your experience here in Peru is unforgettable trip and fulfilling. To satisfy every customer, every time is the goal of our outstanding, personalized service!We plan, organize, and operate a variety of affordable tours in Peru and Bolivia. These low-cost options leave every day of the year, which means you have the flexibility of choosing exactly what travel dates work best for you.

Kaypi Peru Trip

I had an amazing time with Kaypi Tour! The tours, the guides, the porters, the food—everything was set up on time and just perfect. I highly recommend this group. No problems and it was my first time to Peru and doing the four-day trek to Macchu Pichu.

Tambopata jungle Peru Trip

you can get to Puerto Maldonado, from where all tours start, by plane or by bus. Since I’m on a budget, I took the nigh tbus from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado. It should take about 10 hours, but our bus was delayed and we arrived 3 hours later. Luckily we didn´t even notice because we were sleeping in our comfortable ´cama´ chairs.Upon arrival, early in the morning, a representative of the partner of Dos Manos Peru in Puerto Maldonado was waiting for us in the bus terminal.

Johanna Peru Trip

unforgettable trip in the Sacred Valley. Two last important dates had been written down in our calender: first a weaver meeting on Wednesday in Amaru and second a weaver meeting on Saturday in Cancha Cancha. So Stuart had the great idea to combine these meetings with a beautiful hike through the Sacred Valley. The challenge was the crossing of a 4421 m high pass between the two huge mountains.