Find The Best Tips For Comfortable Mountain Trips

Driving in the mountains can be a wonderful and exhilarating experience, but it can also be tiring and cause extra wear and tear on your vehicle. Here are ten time-tested tips to make any drive more enjoyable.

Mountain Trips When you decide to have a mountain trip, you should be aware of the risks and therefore should be well prepared for it. It is not like going to the beach or to the museum. There is a huge difference when you try to get into the mountains because it is not just heights that you will be dealing with but also change in altitude, weather, wildlife and others. Here are some Safety Tips for Mountain Trip to help ensure you stay safe on the mountain trails.                               Mountain Trips

Bring safety gear There are a few basic items that every winter hiker should carry in case of emergency. Aside from basic hiking gear, you should always have a trail map, a first aid kit, a compass, a pocket knife or multi-tool, hand warming packets, and a headlamp. For a day hike, it’s a good idea to split up some of the heavier safety items among the members of your group.

It can take weeks to receive all the necessary approvals for a field trip. You need administrative approval and transportation. You need time to collect money and time to submit that money so your school can cut a check. Begin planning your field trip at least six weeks in advance of your departure date. The bigger the trip, the bigger your head start needs to be. Overnight, out-of-state, or overseas trips may need to be planned a whole year in advance.

Most mountain roads are narrower than Interstate highways. Some drivers have a tendency to hug the center line, but this driving technique is both unwise and irritating to other drivers. If you are hugging the center line, and another center-hugging vehicle comes around a curve from the opposite direction, both drivers may overcorrect and create a hazardous situation.

Lastly, be sure to reward yourself for a job well-done. When I come off a mountain, I like to find the nearest source of comfort food. Sometimes it’s a cozy bar with great burgers, sometimes it’s a lively pizza place. No worries about your appearance and aroma; restaurants at the base of any big peak are used to hikers stopping off for a meal.


Most Popular Ice Climbing Spots in The World

Rock climbing not extreme enough? Want to add freezing temperatures and slippery walls to the mix? Ice climbing spots is the pinnacle of extreme sports. Scaling a vertical cliff side covered in ice with nothing but a couple axes and a pair of crampons is not for the faint of heart. While we certainly can’t recommend ice climbing spots to everyone (maybe stick to snowball fights, eh?), we do have mad respect for those of you brave enough (and fit enough) to ascend hundreds of feet into the sky, using a sheet of ice like a ladder. If you’re looking for your next big challenge, here are 5 of the world’s best places to go ice climbing.

The big ice formations, that occur around waterfalls, cliffs, and rock slabs are some of the most incredible sights to be seen in the wintertime. But, these ice formations are more than just pretty spectacles to appreciate from afar.To some, when winter hits, and water freezes over, a playground is made. Ice climbers find the best places in the world to climb those epic ice formations. It can be dangerous, and alpine ice is somewhat unpredictable. But, to reach the top of an ice fall is an incredibly rewarding experience.                                                                                Ice Climbing

Rjukan, Norway

Rjukan, a collection of frozen over waterfalls, offers some incredible climbing that attracts people from all over the globe. From the Krokan ice climb, to the Gorge, there are many gorgeous, world famous climbs that vary in difficulty and length.

Valdez, Alaska

Still in the United States but a bit harder to reach for most American climbers, Valdez, Alaska is located on the northeast side of Prince William Sound. Valdez is the site of dozens of climbing walls and frozen waterfalls. The Keystone Canyon is perhaps the area’s best-known ice-climbing site. The Canyon is loved for its quality, length and accessibility. Keystone’s most popular walls are Keystone Greensteps and Bridalveil Falls.

Ouray, Colorado

Home to the Ouray Ice Park, the man made ice climbing spots venue offers more than 200 named ice and mixed climbs. The park is free and open to the public. There are also plenty opportunities for beginner climbers to hire guide and instructional services. Or check out the biggest Ice Festival in North America, happening January 8th-11th, 2015.

Alps, Switzerland

The world’s best areas for ice climbing is the Swiss Alps. The Alps are full of ski resorts and ice climbing walls, many of which cater heavily to tourists. If you’re a newbie looking for expert guidance, there are a number of ice-climbing locations where experienced climbers will teach you how to scale frozen waterfalls up treacherous mountainsides. One of the premier sites is Kandersteg, which is home to a number of famous routes, primarily in in the mid to higher grades. Kandersteg hosts an annual ice climbing festival as well as a week-long course for experiences climbers.

Mount Everest Travel Guide

Mount Everest, which literally means “the top or the head of the sky,” is the tallest mountain on Earth. The mountain itself touches the borders of Tibet and Nepal and is a part of the Himalayan Range. During 1856, the name of Mount Everest was Peak XV, but the Geographical Society gave it its official name in 1865 in honour of George Everest. Its

Mount Jolmo Lungma (or Mount Everest as it is more commonly known), stands 8848 meters above sea level, meaning goddess in Tibetan, this is the highest mountain in the world of great spot, situated in the middle of Himalayas on the border between China and Nepal. Snow covers the mountain all year round. The area around here is known as the 3rd pole of the world, surrounded by large glaciers and icebergs.       travel guide

Below the snow line is the forest of ice pagodas, scattered with deep ice caves and winding ice rivers. The highest temple in the world can also be found here Ronbu temple. Camps and sight seeing pavilions are dotted about at Everest base camp, 5000 meters away from the foot of the mountain.

The Best Time to Visit Mt. Everest The periods from late April to early June, and from early September to late October are the best time to visit Mt. Everest. Since the weather is quite changeable in high altitude, keep a very close eye on the weather changes if you want to climb to mountain.

Travel Tips for Mt. Everest Trekking Besides the Tibet Entry Permit, you must further apply for an Alien Treble Permit, which is issued by the Local Public Security Bureau of Tiber to travel Mt. Everest area.Please use sunscreen with high SPF and wearing sunglasses and caps to protect you from UV damages, for the UV radiation increases at higher altitudes and is reflected much by snow.

Mount Everest towers above the Khumbu at over 29,000′ and is perhaps the most iconic symbol of challenge and adventure on Earth. On our classic Everest Base Camp Trek, follow in the footsteps of legends as we ascend from verdant Lukla to the vast glaciers and razor sharp ridgelines of the Everest Himalayas, home of the world’s highest peaks.

Before you visit Mt. Everest, ensure you are in good physical condition. Seek medical advice in advance. If you have asthma, high blood pressure, or similar conditions you should be advised against going.Do physical training to avoid or reduce altitude sickness before you go, and acclimate in Lhasa (3,650 m) and Shigatse (3,800 m). Dingri (4,300 m) offers a good place to stop and acclimate further if you experience discomfort on the way from Shigatse.

Facts About Mount Rushmore Monuments

Mt. Rushmore National Monument is one of the most popular Black Hills’ destinations, featuring the faces of four influential US Presidents carved in granite, a museum, and the sculptor’s studio. The interesting facts behind the faces of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, and some are more well-known than others. Most of us know the when and the why behind the monument carving began in 1927 and finally was completed in 1941.       Mount Rushmore

The Mount Rushmore Memorial covers 1,278 acres and is about 5,725 feet above sea level. The idea of creating the sculpture was the brainchild of Doane Robinson, a well-known South Dakota historian. Robinson believed that a mammoth carving on the Black Hills in South Dakota would attract much tourist attraction interest in the state. He worked with John Boland, President Calvin Coolidge, Congressman William Williamson, and other leaders to secure funding. Needles was the site initially suggested to house these mammoth monuments.

  • The Mount Rushmore Presidents include Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt. They were chosen to represent specific parts of American history.
  • The faces of Mount Rushmore are 60 feet high. That’s the same size as a six-story building.
  • The original sculptor, John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum previously carved the same four Presidents on Stone Mountain. He used this vision to begin his creation in South Dakota. This is one of the more interesting Mount Rushmore facts. Many do not know there is a smaller version.
  • Another of the Mount Rushmore facts describes the detail of dedication of the workers. They used a combination of dynamite, hand drills, hammers and chisels to ensure perfect replication.
  • The Crazy Horse Memorial is a neighbor to Mount Rushmore. The sculptor of this piece of art, Korczak Ziolikowski worked with Borglum on the Mount Rushmore project.
  • Mount Rushmore vacations and tourists are responsible for South Dakota’s booming industry. Over 3 million people visit every year.
  • Mount Rushmore is one of the most recognized locations in the entire world. More movies have paid homage to this monument than the Eifel Tower and the Sphinx combined. explore best guide..