Most Famous Places to go White Water Rafting in USA

The United States has the largest concentration of commercial river runners than any other country in the world. River rafting continues to become a popular adventure among all generations, from Baby Boomers down the generation Y. A majority of the people who are on river rafting trips have rafted before, which means that once experienced, a return to the river is sure to come. With so many places to choose from, which rivers offer the best rafting trips in the country.

Most of these places and rivers offer a wide variety of trip options, ranging from short half-day river trips to longer multi-day excursions. Packages and trips durations vary depending on the location and outfitter of choice.        White Water Rafting Destinations

Tuolumne River, California

The 27 miles (43km) you can raft on the Tuolumne River, which originates in Yosemite National Park, blends a wilderness experience with the excitement of challenging Class IV and V rapids. On one trip, you can start with big jolts, as you go over rapids with names like Nemesis and Rock Garden, then hone your pad-dling skills as you descend over drops, through chutes and maneuver around boulders.

Royal Gorge, Colorado

On this stretch of the Arkansas River, you raft through rapids with names like Sledgehammer and the Narrows, which can reach Class IV and V when the water is high. The river flows through sheer 1,100-foot-high (330m) cliffs during this stretch. If you want to do lots of paddling, ask about the adrenaline rafts that only hold four people.

Salmon River, Idaho

The unique geology of this Class IV river makes it a very interesting place with the pulse of the river changing dramatically even just in the course of a single day. Of course during different parts of the year it changes from a tame and lazy river to a voluptuous, white water spewing rafting destination from June to August and then back again.

Chattooga River

This particular Chattooga River begins in North Carolina, traveling to northeastern’s Georgia’s Lake Tugalo. You will find everything from calm pools to exciting rapids along the way. If you’ve seen the movie “Deliverance”, you will recognize some of the rapids.


Most Beautiful Tourist Destination in Thailand

Thailand is Asia’s most popular tourist goal. Its reputation for pleasure-seeking attracts thousands of backpacker’s and its outstanding areas of natural beauty and idyllic beaches attract an increasing amount of holiday-makers. It’s a country rich with culture, history, smiling locals and some interesting quirks. With so many tourist attractions on offer, how does a first timer to this far-flung land know where to start? Here is my personal Top Ten list of Destination in Thailand.

Thailand has much to offer to the visitor, from cosmopolitan cities with great shopping opportunities to jungles, waterfalls and some the best beaches in Southeast Asia. It would take months to truly explore and understand Thailand, but if you don’t have the luxury of so much time, the best-next choice is to visit the top sites in Thailand. According to experts like Lonely Planet, those top spots include everything from sandy beaches to historical sights.         Tourist Destination in Thailand


Phuket is also a more touristic island. It is the largest island in Thailand and is called Mallorca of Thailand by some backpackers. But besides all-inclusive tourists, hotel resorts and sunbeds one can also find some more quiet beaches and fascinating countryside.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a city and province in the north of Thailand  Vacation. Famous for its jungles and mountains, Chiang Mai is the destination for those who want nature and a relief from the heat of the city. The city is home to many temples, or wats, including the famous Wat Chedi Luang, built in 1402. Jungle treks, which can last from a few hours to several days, also are a big attraction in Chiang Mai.

Railay Beach

Thailand’s most famous beach destinations, and Railay is the cream of the crop. Widely considered one of the best beaches in the country, Railay delivers on promises of white sand beaches, clear blue water, and a feeling that you’ve found a slice of paradise.

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park in the south of Thailand is home to the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world. Trek by foot or take a jeep safari through the jungle, spotting gibbons, barking deer and wild boar along the way. For bigger thrills, try tubing or canoeing around Cheow Larn Lake, where you can also stay in a private floating bungalow.

Mae Hong Son

Hemmed in by high mountains and bordering Myanmar (Burma), Mae Hong Son in the far north is a good starting point for treks to see colourful hill tribes in the surrounding region.

Hawaii’s Best Outdoor Adventure Activities

You can enjoy even more of paradise by looking at the adventures and activities in Hawaii. Unlike many other regions, these tropical islands are known for the diverse landscape that everyone can enjoy. This invites you into new activities with beauty in the backyard.

Knowing where to go for the adventures that you enjoy the most allows you to dive into the different experiences that the islands have to offers. You will want to map your adventures carefully, finding what fits with your adventure level as well as interest in scenery.


Each Hawaiian Island has a specific volcano that is at the center of the island. These offer special adventures to those that are interested in seeing a different view of the Hawaiian area. A popular adventure for those that are interested in a different approach is with sunrise hikes to the volcanoes or biking from the volcanoes to the bottom of the island. You can enjoy spacious areas with the different levels of activity from the volcanoes, offering a hiking adventure and educational look at the volcanoes of the region.                                      Outdoor Adventure Activities

Manoa Falls

Travel up into the valley beyond Honolulu to make the Manoa Falls hike. Though only a mile long, this path passes through so many different ecosystems that you feel as if you’re in an arboretum. Walk among the elephant ear ape plants, ruddy fir trees, and a bamboo forest straight out of China. At the top are 150-foot falls with a small pool not quite suited for swimming but good for wading. This hike is more about the journey than the destination.

Ocean Activities

The most popular adventures that you can look at is with the ocean activities. Hawaii is known for their diverse beaches that you can jump into. You will be able to find beaches that are divided by the types of waters you enjoy most. If you are into surfing, then you can go to coastal areas that have stronger, higher waves. If you are interested in swimming, diving or snorkelling while relaxing on a white beach, then other parts of the island can lead to different types of adventures.


Bounded by 2,000-foot cliffs, the Valley of the Kings was once a favorite retreat of Hawaiian royalty. Waterfalls drop 1,200 feet from the Kohala Mountains to the valley floor, and the sheer cliff faces make access difficult which is where your ATV comes in. You’ll see expansive black-sand beaches, the falls, and the lush rain forest surrounding the top edge of the valley.


There are rain forests and hill areas that are located throughout all of Hawaii Islands. Many are known for their beauty, rivers and waterfalls that cover the entire area. You can enjoy easy hikes through many of the areas, allowing you to tap into the pristine island scenery with a stroll.

Top 5 Summer Activities For Kids

Summer holiday is the time when kids have plenty of time to rejuvenate from the usual monotone of school activities. The first few weeks of summer seem very pleasant to the kids as they sleep till late, play around and do all sorts of things time doesn’t permit during school. But as the days pass by, summer starts to seem boring to the kids and that’s when the complaining and discontent is directed towards parents. Take a look at best list of top summer activities for your kids, which are fun and playful.

The summer holidays are just a few weeks away, and many parents are probably already looking for fun things for their kids to do. With the plethora of options for summer activities for kids though, it can be quite challenging to select just one worthwhile activity.

Blow bubbles

This is the most popular summer activities, even parents would enjoy . Make a soapy solutions with the help of Kids shampoo or body wash, and take a straw, tada your DIY home Bubble kit is ready. Once you start blowing the bubbles, trust me you would love the expressions on toddlers’ face and he will demand you to blow it non-stop. Whereas for grown ups you can just give them the bubble solution or just ask them to make one for them, and they’ll be blowing bubbles for non-stop. And they would be entertained and occupied for longer time.                 Summer Activities

Summer Camp

Summer camp can be the best place to send your kids for their own personal development. In this modern age of technology, kids need to spend time away from the electronic gadgets and be close to nature. They need to be challenged physically and psychologically in order to understand their own potential. Send your kid to the kind of summer camp which has activities that will interest the kid and will be as per his or her liking.

Get crafty

Get crafty this summer vacation with your kids like if you have a toddler you may just buy some removable stickers and ask them to stick it in a flip book or a sheet of paper. For Grown ups you can create useful origami crafts and encourage their creativity. Make sure you use kids’ friendly scissors. With grown ups you can also make some best out of waste art like treasure box made from newspaper, flower vase from used plastic bottle and other forms of art for waste material. this will help them to learn the importance of recycle and upcycle.

Water Play

Water play is the most popular summer activities amongst toddlers as well as grown up kids. They would love splashing water in a pool or just have water fight with the waters pipes and sprinklers. Also you can create a fishing pond, with water filled tub/bucket and some fish cutouts of plastic sheets (available in stationery shops) and give them hook sticks to pick fish out of the water. Toddlers would also love to play with foam water and splash on each other.

Building Forts

An old age game but building forts can be awesome fun. You can provide blankets and unused cushions and ask your child to make a fort with an entrance and bedrooms. This fort can be used a play area for the kid who can sour his imagination in his own cave.

Top Quality Scuba Diving Equipment

If you are looking for the best scuba gear to buy it can be overwhelming. There are lots of choices of diving equipment available and it can be hard to know where to start and what to buy.Scuba diving equipment is evolving in ways that make diving safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable, but how do you ensure you’re making the right choice? Start with these simple tips.

The best scuba diving equipment at discount prices, Dive Pro is the place to shop. Dive Pro is owned and operated by experienced Scuba Diving Instructors who have been actively teaching all levels of scuba divers and serving the dive community for more than 25 years. What equipment do you need to buy to start scuba diving? The answer is none! Many scuba divers use rental equipment on their first few dives before purchasing their own sets of dive gear. That said, there is an advantage to training in the scuba equipment that you will use once you are certified. The following list of gear is arranged in the author’s suggested order of purchase.

Scuba Diving Equipment  

Scuba Diving Equipment

Scuba Diving Equipment


Wetsuit/DrysuitTo keep a diver warm, a wetsuit or a drysuit must fit properly. If you are an average size, most dive shops will have a suit that will fit you well, but nothing beats the comfort of having your own wetsuit or drysuit. When renting wetsuits, most divers find that diving makes them need to pee, which raises some considerations. First, you might not want to dive in a wetsuit that other people have urinated in. Second, you may want to be able to pee underwater, and doing so in a rental suit is not the most polite behavior in the world.


Mask If you can only afford one piece of dive gear, buy a mask. A high-quality, comfortable scuba diving mask that fits your face well can make the difference between enjoyable dives and a miserable time underwater. Take your time selecting a mask and don’t forget to bring it with you on your dive trips; rental masks will get the job done, but having your own mask will make a significant difference in your comfort level underwater.

Dive Computer

Do you remember how to calculate your no-decompression limits on the dive tables? If not, I recommend that divers purchase a dive computer early in their diving career. Dive computers help to reduce the risk of decompression sickness by writing a custom dive profile for the dive as he moves through the water. Remember, following a buddy’s or snorkelling guide’s dive computer is never acceptable, as the computers are extremely sensitive and small differences between divers’ underwater profiles can change their no-decompression limits. You need you own dive computer.


Fins most diving situations adjustable heel fins that require you to wear boots of some description are best. However if you are doing a lot of warm water boat diving full foot versions may be more suitable.Fins with splits down the middle of them are becoming more popular  as they offer more efficincey in the water but are generally more expensive than traditional fins.


Diving cylinders are made from either Steel or Aluminium. Even though both types are metal the two cylinders are manufactured differently, look slightly different, have different working pressures and behave very differently in the water.the cylinder from heated steel to a thickness of 4-5mm. This manufacturing technique means that the cylinder is finished with a rounded bottom that will require a rubber boot in order to stand upright.The cylinders are typically galvanised before a protective paint finish is applied to the outside of the cylinder to help prevent rust forming and damaging the steel.

San Diego SeaWorld Theme Parks in Orlando

SeaWorld in San Diego is home to around 13,000 marine animals that receive a healthy diet, exercise, play, and medical examinations. The wildlife at San Diego SeaWorld are cared for by veterarians, animal care specialists and trainers to ensure that the animals are enjoying happy and healthy lifestyles at the center. The majority of the creatures seen at San Diego SeaWorld were either born in captivity or were rescued and unfit to return to their natural habitat.

SeaWorld is not only dedicated to making comfortable lives for these sea animals, but it is also focused on educating the public on wildlife and environmental conservation. Through educational programs such as sleepovers at the park, youth camps, and luxurious accommodation guided tours, as well as wildlife preservation funds and partnerships, SeaWorld strives to raise awareness about protecting and preserving wildlife and natural habitats.                                 San Diego

SeaWorld Aquatica Waterpark

The San Diego Aquatica park is located southeast of sunny Chula Vista, which makes it a 20-30 minute drive from many other San Diego tourist attractions such as the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld. This San Diego waterpark is in the perfect location to stay cool in the blistering Southern California sun.The SeaWorld Aquatica in San Diego is not open year round, though during the summer months it stays open seven days a week. During the summer Aquatica San Diego is open from 10am-6pm, though hours may vary so calling ahead of time would be a good idea. If you are visiting outside of peak summer months (June – August) you should check the park’s page to make sure they are open.

Wild Animal Park

The Wild Animal Park is 35 miles north of San Diego and east of Escondido, and is a haven for some of the planet’s most amazing animals. Get up close and personal to live animals in habitats that mimic their natural ones. Situated on 1,800 acres, it is home to 3,500 animals from Africa and Asia, including giraffes, rhinos, and lions. Experience the Park At Dark, the Journey into Africa Tour, and the Kilimajaro Walking Tour.

Adventure Park

Disney California Adventure Park is conveniently located just next to Disneyland. The theme park is also located around an hour and a half away from San Diego’s SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo.When you visit Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim you can learn all the tricks of the trade and secrets behind the Disney animators and animations. Guests can tour the Animation Courtyard where original Disney sketches are displayed, or stop by the Animation Academy and receive lessons from Disney artists themselves.

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is known all over the country as a center of learning and advocacy for the world’s most precious animals, in addition, it is a world class botanical garden. The approximately 700,000 plants that grace the Zoo grounds create the peaceful landscape that it is known for. Located in the heart of San Diego’s Balboa Park, the Zoo is easily accessible by car or public transportation. Spend a whole day or two visiting the Zoo’s special pandas, polar bears, elephants, and all of the other amazing animals.

Dartmoor Zoological Park Animals

Dartmoor Zoo in Devon and experience all aspects of animal care, daily events.Dartmoor Zoological park,used to be known as Dartmoor wildlife park has had a new lease of life in the last year.After years of the place letting itslef get more and more run down and eventually closed down i am pleased to say that this place is now back open.

The Aquarium has teamed up with Dartmoor Zoological Park to offer you 50% off your admission.Simply show your Aquarium receipt at Dartmoor Zoo within 15 days of purchase and recieve half price entry on all day admission tickets.Set in 33 acres of beautiful woodland, with stunning views of the surrounding countryside, Dartmoor Zoological Park is a unique family-owned zoo with a fantastic collection of animals.             Zoological Park

Dartmoor Zoological Park is a unique family owned zoo with a fantastic collection of animals to get wildlife experience. These include tigers, lions, jaguar, lynx and cheetah (the largest collection of big cats in the region), bears, wolves, tapir, capybara, racoons, meerkats, monkeys, a fantastic collection of bugs and reptiles and much more. We work very hard to ensure that the development of the zoo does not have an adverse effect on the beautiful woodland environment which makes it quite unique beautiful among zoos.

We went as a change from a Paignton Zoo, in comparison Dartmoor is a lot smaller with a smaller variety of animals – it is also cheaper and friendlier. My children both loved it and we had a fab day out, however if you are looking for a day out whilst on holiday down in Devon.

Whilst on holiday in Devon visited Dartmoor Zoo a few miles from Plymouth. Set on the edge of the moors, this is a delightfully friendly place to spend a day. Reasonably priced both to get in and to eat. The zoo is not large but there is so much to see if you look for it and listen.

We had a fantastic day out at this quirky little zoo. We took our 11year old and 2 year old and both had a fantastic day. Although only a small zoo. Dartmoor feels spacious and I thought the enclosures were really good sizes. The animals were confident and content in their surroundings and we were surprised at how close you. Go for camping trip near dartmoor zoological park.

Mount Rushmore Travel Guide

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a United States National Memorial in the west of South Dakota. Featuring the monumental faces of four former Presidents: Washington, Jefferson, (Teddy) Roosevelt, and Lincoln—blasted and carved from the white rock of a mountain, Mount Rushmore is a national icon.

Mount Rushmore is named after Charles E. Mount Rushmore, a New York City attorney who was sent out to this area in 1884 to check legal titles on properties. The giant outcropping of rock was a favorite place that many presidents visited with their families.The four granite faces that give the mountain its greatest claim to fame were carved over a 14-year period (October 4, 1927 – October 31, 1941) by over 400 workers under the supervision of Gutzon Borglum, an American sculptor. Each face is about 60 feet high; if the bodies were to be included, each figure would be about 460 feet high.                                Mount Rushmore

The carving started in 1927, and finished 7 months after Borglum’s death in 1941. Borglum died of an embolism while trying to raise money for the project. His son, Lincoln Borglum, would act as foreman while Borglum was traversing the country to raise funds. After his father’s death, Lincoln made the finishing touches to the mountain before packing up and leaving. The faces from left to right represent George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Mount Rushmore A long boardwalk has been built at the base of Mt. Rushmore which gives you many different views of Mt. Rushmore. Openings have been made in the trees along the boardwalk such that at times you can see only one of the four presidents. Enjoy a meal at the Mt. Rushmore Cafe where you can eat while looking at the four presidents. Several wild animals such as deer and mountain goats roam free around the area.

Keystone, like so many towns in the Black Hills started out as a mining camp. Gold was not the only mineral mined in the Black Hills, and Keystone was home to several mines that produced tin, feldspar, lead, and silver.

Hill City began life as a small mining town during the Black Hills gold rush. A relatively small amount of gold was ever found near the community, but tin mining supported the town economically for many years. Timber also became an important commodity, and sustainable lumber milling is still one of the tiny town’s main industries.

Rapid City is perhaps best-known for Mount Rushmore National Memorial, which is just a few minutes outside the city. The four granite faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt were begun in 1927 and completed in 1941. The presidential tribute, combined with the natural beauty of the surrounding Black Hills and the outdoor recreation it supports, has helped to make Rapid City a vacation destination.

Road trips are as a part of the American culture as hamburgers and 4th of July. Driving through the mountains and plains of the United States is a time-honored tradition for families and young travelers alike. From convertibles to campers, a trip to Mt. Rushmore from Denver is a great summer getaway. Host to about 3 million visitors annually, the mountain sculpture depicting presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln is an American icon and the perfect destination for an all-American weekend.