Most Famous Water Sports & Activities in Pattaya

Pattaya’s location on the Gulf of Thailand, together with its reputation as hardy seaside resort with tropical climate, lends itself ideally to water activities. Here you can find most types of water sports, from jet-skis to snorkelling, parasailing to scuba diving, water-skiing to yacht racing and sailing in a dinghy. Oh, and the swimming is also good.

Pattaya abounds with water sport activities due to its location, weather and facilities. Examples of water sports available in Pattaya are diving, snorkelling, sailing, jet skiing, fishing, windsurfing, water skiing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, banana boating, parasailing and yachting.                                               Water Sports


Get ready to feel adrenaline rushing through you while you take part in this extreme water sport of Flyboarding. Get picked up from your hotel at around 7:30 AM and head on over to the venue, a beautiful setup on a private beach with tents and a comfortable lounge zone with Wifi.

Scuba Diving

PADI Discover scuba diving is a try dive, it is designed so it’s possible for those who do not have time to take a course or for those who are debating whether or not to get a scuba certification. PADI discover scuba diving course is a great way to experience diving for the first time.


The rider (or riders; 1-3), wearing a life jacket, is safely harnessed to a parachute and towed by a speedboat after a running start. Instructors may accompany riders if requested or if the wind currents are too strong; but if you are feeling adventurous you may also choose to man the sails on your own. when daylight is sufficient but it is also subjected to the prevailing weather.

Kite Surfing

If you can’t spare 3 days, then we offer a 1 day discovery course which will give you a basic skill level and good understanding of kiteboarding and the equipment.. Enjoy the satiating experience of kite surfing course and make unforgettable memories.


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