Hawaii’s Best Outdoor Adventure Activities

You can enjoy even more of paradise by looking at the adventures and activities in Hawaii. Unlike many other regions, these tropical islands are known for the diverse landscape that everyone can enjoy. This invites you into new activities with beauty in the backyard.

Knowing where to go for the adventures that you enjoy the most allows you to dive into the different experiences that the islands have to offers. You will want to map your adventures carefully, finding what fits with your adventure level as well as interest in scenery.


Each Hawaiian Island has a specific volcano that is at the center of the island. These offer special adventures to those that are interested in seeing a different view of the Hawaiian area. A popular adventure for those that are interested in a different approach is with sunrise hikes to the volcanoes or biking from the volcanoes to the bottom of the island. You can enjoy spacious areas with the different levels of activity from the volcanoes, offering a hiking adventure and educational look at the volcanoes of the region.                                      Outdoor Adventure Activities

Manoa Falls

Travel up into the valley beyond Honolulu to make the Manoa Falls hike. Though only a mile long, this path passes through so many different ecosystems that you feel as if you’re in an arboretum. Walk among the elephant ear ape plants, ruddy fir trees, and a bamboo forest straight out of China. At the top are 150-foot falls with a small pool not quite suited for swimming but good for wading. This hike is more about the journey than the destination.

Ocean Activities

The most popular adventures that you can look at is with the ocean activities. Hawaii is known for their diverse beaches that you can jump into. You will be able to find beaches that are divided by the types of waters you enjoy most. If you are into surfing, then you can go to coastal areas that have stronger, higher waves. If you are interested in swimming, diving or snorkelling while relaxing on a white beach, then other parts of the island can lead to different types of adventures.


Bounded by 2,000-foot cliffs, the Valley of the Kings was once a favorite retreat of Hawaiian royalty. Waterfalls drop 1,200 feet from the Kohala Mountains to the valley floor, and the sheer cliff faces make access difficult which is where your ATV comes in. You’ll see expansive black-sand beaches, the falls, and the lush rain forest surrounding the top edge of the valley.


There are rain forests and hill areas that are located throughout all of Hawaii Islands. Many are known for their beauty, rivers and waterfalls that cover the entire area. You can enjoy easy hikes through many of the areas, allowing you to tap into the pristine island scenery with a stroll.


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