Top Five Favorite Ice Climbing Spots in The World

The most famous ice climbing and mountaineering terrain in the world. Mt. Washington draws climbers from all over the world and serves as both a training ground and proving ground for winter ice climbing enthusiasts. Variety of terrain, easy access to challenging ice climbing areas, and beautiful landscapes are but a few reasons why many well known climbers now call the White Mountains their home.

The big ice formations, that occur around waterfalls, cliffs, and rock slabs are some of the most incredible sights to be seen in the wintertime. But, these ice formations are more than just pretty spectacles to appreciate from afar. To some, when winter hits, and water freezes over, a playground is made. Ice climbers find the best places in the world to climb those epic ice formations. It can be dangerous, and alpine ice is somewhat unpredictable. But, to reach the top of an ice fall is an incredibly rewarding experience.                               Ice Climbing Spots


Among the best spots for ice climbing is the southern Drakensberg, which has several routes ranging in difficulty from a fairly simple but slippery walk to advanced climbs that will challenge even the most experienced ice climbers.Three of the most popular routes in the Drakensberg offer a range of conditions and technical demands. The Sani Pass is the most accessible of the routes and the one most suitable for beginners, with short easy climbs on trails that are semi-protected from the elements.

Chamonix, France

If you fancy something challenging and really different, test yourself vertically with a short course in ice-climbing on spectacular icefalls (frozen waterfalls) between December and March. For many courses you don’t need previous knowledge of rock ice climbing (although it helps!).Beginners’ courses are available in most places where ice conditions allow.Ice-climbing can be dangerous and does require expert instruction and a certain degree of fitness, as scaling a frozen waterfall is a tiring, if exhilarating, experience.

Ontario, Canada

Ice climbing is similar to rock ice climbing, except that you climb frozen waterfalls. These sheets of blue ice are up to 12 feet thick, with heights of between 60 and 400 feet. Ontario boasts hundreds of climbs, but many are so remote that they can only be reached on foot or by snowmobile. It is worth the effort, however, to experience this thrilling adventure travel.

Ouray, Colorado

There you are at the November PCS meeting and the up coming ice climbing season is being discussed.† Suddenly you notice anew member attending the meeting and at first glance it is he/she/it/non-gender. specific attractive person/barnyard animal/whatever of your dreams.† You decideto take the opportunity to impress /she/it/non-gender specific attractive person/barnyard animal/whatever (got to keep this politically correctÖ) with a discussion of ice climbing and a possible invitation to the first ice trip of the season in December.

Valdez, Alaska

Valdez has a long history of sought out ice climbing. Since the 1970s, world-class climbers have come to visit the multi-pitch blue ice in Keystone Canyon. Other climbs include the Mineral Creek, Solomon Gulch, Hole in the Wall, Sheep Creek, and more. Climbers are always setting new routes or exploring the famed classic climbs.


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