Great Outdoor Activities And Games For Family Picnic

The weather warms up and the Holiday season is nearly upon us, the family picnics, the corporate fun days, the end of school year family picnics all become a feature in best weekend plans. If you need help planning an event such as these.

Whether your family picnic is small and intimate or a reunion of many generations, there is always that time after the eating is over when both kids and adults become fidgety and yearn for playful diversions. Planning a variety of outdoor games and entertainment that everyone can enjoy adds an extra element of pleasure to the event.A family picnic needs more than sandwiches, chips and soda; it needs an entertaining activity. Boredom can quickly cut a picnic short, but preparing outdoor games that kids and teens enjoy will keep the young people occupied and out of trouble. If there is a diverse age range and a big group, separate the big kids and the little kids so the competition stays fair.

Blanket volleyball

When the eating’s all done, make use of those family picnic blankets. Set up two teams of four or two people, each with their own blanket, and with one team member holding one or two corners of their team’s blanket. Have one team serve the volleyball by placing the ball in the middle of the blanket, lowering it then raising it quickly as a team, to allow the ball to become airborne. The opposing team must catch the volleyball in their blanket and toss it back again.         Family Picnic


All you need for this outdoor game are two stakes about 20 inches high and four metal horseshoes. You can get the horseshoes from a local blacksmith or buy a horseshoe game set at a sporting goods or toy store. Pound the stakes into the ground so about 14 inches are visible. Regulation horseshoe stakes are 40 feet apart, but you can adjust the distance to meet the skill levels of the players.

Galaxy Ball

Galaxy Ball Players form a large circle or square. Place 1 or more players in the center who try to avoid being hit by thrown balls. Players on the perimeter throw balls trying to hit the inner circle player(s) at or below the waist. The player who hits someone gets to take his or her place in the center.

Soccer Ball Bowling

Have the kids set up about 10 empty plastic 2-liter pop bottles on a flat surface. Each player gets two tries at knocking the cans down at about 20 feet away. If one player knocks all the bottles down within his two shots he gets another turn to add to his score. The total amount of bottles they knock down gets added to their score. You can go up to 10 complete turns and the person with the highest score wins. This is a great outdoor game for kids to practice addition in their heads.

Hunting memory game

The game for kids starts with the first participant saying something like, “I’m going hunting and I’m taking ammunition.” The second one repeats what the first one says, but adds a second item to take, that starts with the next letter in the alphabet. Each person down the line needs to remember everything that was said before him and add one thing more. Anyone who fails to remember the proper sequence, loses.


Buy The Best Ideas For Camping Tents

Looking for the most comfortable camping tent? One that will keep your friends and family dry in a storm, and will give you the ventilation you need to stay cool on a hot summer day when the insects start to get hungry? We took eight of the top models on the market and put them head-to-head in a variety of tests in best lab and in campgrounds around the West. We tested their comfort, storm-proofness, ease of setup, packed size, and workmanship to determine the overall best, the best value, and strongest.

The tent is the focal point of most camping trips. If you’re a beginning camper, there are a couple of different camping tent tips to remember. First and foremost, practice pitching your camping tent before you head to the campsite. Being able to do it quickly and effectively is extremely valuable. When looking for a place to set up, always look for a “natural bed” of soft, flat soil but avoid the bottom of hills or valleys. Finally, always set up a tarp below your tent to avoid potential damage or water logging.

Modern camping tents derive their inspiration from the portable shelters and homes that humans have been using since time immemorial. The earliest known remains of a camping tent were discovered in Russia that were carbon dated to 40,000 B.C. Traditionally, camping tents have been used by nomadic people around the world, a practice that persists to this day.                                                                                        Camping Tents

A big tent

A big tent is the most important item on the list and the foundation for turning camping into glamping. Even if there’s only going to be two people sleeping in your tent, that doesn’t mean you should buy a two person camping tent! Go big. Get a six, eight or 10 person tent so you can spread out, stand up and be comfortable.

Tepee tent

Tepee For adventurers of all ages, the classic Tepee (2008) is a simple solution for spending time outdoors with minimal impact on the surrounding landscape. This one was crafted for DWR Tools for Living by Dave Ellis, who spent 10 years working in the canvas business before creating his own line of camping tents and tepees in 1982.

Kahuna tent

A cool boat which you can camp in the sea or lake! Kahuna is a new touring boat, inspired by old Polynesian outrigger canoes. It was developed for recreational use in various environments around the globe, created mainly for rental agencies and for outdoor enthusiasts. The combination of sports outdoors equipment and camping gear allows efficient mobility and a comfortable overnight stay.

Solar Tent

The Concept Camping Tent has been designed by the Telecom Orange in association with American product design consultancy Kaleidoscope, featuring the most advanced in technology A Photovoltaic fabric, a Glo-cation technology, a Wireless control hub and Groundsheet heater. Charge all your gadgets with solar power and control them all with the wireless control hub.

Decathlon 2-second Tent

The Decathlon 2-Second Tent sets up in only 2 seconds! How? Just remove the plastic strap and throw it in the air. The Decathlon 2-second Tent is waterproof, ventilated, durable and the right size for 3 adults, very comfortable for 2 people. Folding it after use only takes about 15 seconds.

African Wildlife Safari Tours in Kenya

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Lake Nakuru Safari Tours

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Kenya and Tanzania Tours

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Mount Kenya Safari tours

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Masai Mara Safari Tours

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