Facts About Mount Rushmore Monuments

Mt. Rushmore National Monument is one of the most popular Black Hills’ destinations, featuring the faces of four influential US Presidents carved in granite, a museum, and the sculptor’s studio. The interesting facts behind the faces of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, and some are more well-known than others. Most of us know the when and the why behind the monument carving began in 1927 and finally was completed in 1941.       Mount Rushmore

The Mount Rushmore Memorial covers 1,278 acres and is about 5,725 feet above sea level. The idea of creating the sculpture was the brainchild of Doane Robinson, a well-known South Dakota historian. Robinson believed that a mammoth carving on the Black Hills in South Dakota would attract much tourist attraction interest in the state. He worked with John Boland, President Calvin Coolidge, Congressman William Williamson, and other leaders to secure funding. Needles was the site initially suggested to house these mammoth monuments.

  • The Mount Rushmore Presidents include Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt. They were chosen to represent specific parts of American history.
  • The faces of Mount Rushmore are 60 feet high. That’s the same size as a six-story building.
  • The original sculptor, John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum previously carved the same four Presidents on Stone Mountain. He used this vision to begin his creation in South Dakota. This is one of the more interesting Mount Rushmore facts. Many do not know there is a smaller version.
  • Another of the Mount Rushmore facts describes the detail of dedication of the workers. They used a combination of dynamite, hand drills, hammers and chisels to ensure perfect replication.
  • The Crazy Horse Memorial is a neighbor to Mount Rushmore. The sculptor of this piece of art, Korczak Ziolikowski worked with Borglum on the Mount Rushmore project.
  • Mount Rushmore vacations and tourists are responsible for South Dakota’s booming industry. Over 3 million people visit every year.
  • Mount Rushmore is one of the most recognized locations in the entire world. More movies have paid homage to this monument than the Eifel Tower and the Sphinx combined. explore best guide..

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