Dartmoor Zoological Park Animals

Dartmoor Zoo in Devon and experience all aspects of animal care, daily events.Dartmoor Zoological park,used to be known as Dartmoor wildlife park has had a new lease of life in the last year.After years of the place letting itslef get more and more run down and eventually closed down i am pleased to say that this place is now back open.

The Aquarium has teamed up with Dartmoor Zoological Park to offer you 50% off your admission.Simply show your Aquarium receipt at Dartmoor Zoo within 15 days of purchase and recieve half price entry on all day admission tickets.Set in 33 acres of beautiful woodland, with stunning views of the surrounding countryside, Dartmoor Zoological Park is a unique family-owned zoo with a fantastic collection of animals.             Zoological Park

Dartmoor Zoological Park is a unique family owned zoo with a fantastic collection of animals to get wildlife experience. These include tigers, lions, jaguar, lynx and cheetah (the largest collection of big cats in the region), bears, wolves, tapir, capybara, racoons, meerkats, monkeys, a fantastic collection of bugs and reptiles and much more. We work very hard to ensure that the development of the zoo does not have an adverse effect on the beautiful woodland environment which makes it quite unique beautiful among zoos.

We went as a change from a Paignton Zoo, in comparison Dartmoor is a lot smaller with a smaller variety of animals – it is also cheaper and friendlier. My children both loved it and we had a fab day out, however if you are looking for a day out whilst on holiday down in Devon.

Whilst on holiday in Devon visited Dartmoor Zoo a few miles from Plymouth. Set on the edge of the moors, this is a delightfully friendly place to spend a day. Reasonably priced both to get in and to eat. The zoo is not large but there is so much to see if you look for it and listen.

We had a fantastic day out at this quirky little zoo. We took our 11year old and 2 year old and both had a fantastic day. Although only a small zoo. Dartmoor feels spacious and I thought the enclosures were really good sizes. The animals were confident and content in their surroundings and we were surprised at how close you. Go for camping trip near dartmoor zoological park.


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