Mount Everest Climbing Essential Tips

Everest Mountain is the tallest mountain in the world attracting a myriad of professional and amateur climbers seeking excitement and adrenaline rush of overcoming one of the most challenging routes of its kind. The Mountain Everest’s route itself does not present considerable degree of technical difficulties, however, there are plenty of other hidden dangers that come along the way like strong winds, sudden weather changes and high altitude sickness. Despite this fact, many climbers find Everest Mountain to be the ultimate goal in overcoming their fears and challenging themselves.

If you are planning a trek to Mount Everest Base Camp, these are some of my tips to make sure that you have a successful and enjoyable time on this beautiful trek to the base of the world’s highest mountain. We have 100% success rate on this trek and have added an extra acclimatization day helping you make a safer journey to Mount Everest. We also have training plans and basic packages for you to review.                                    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Clothes Climbing boots should be the plastic and frost-proof boots, the base layer can keep warm. And you should prepare another pair for changing at night.Socks: 5-6 pairs of socks. You will just use two pairs in a day, one for walking and the other for sleeping. The pairs for walking will absorb sweat about a wine-glass capacity, but they will be dried at night in your sleeping bag and can be worn the next day.Two fleece layers: the first one will be the tight fleece tops and trousers; the second layer is one pair of thicker trousers and two thicker jackets which are all fleece.

Food and water are essential for our well-being especially while trekking in Nepal. When you climb you can burn over 6,000 calories per day meaning you need convenient and calorie dense foods to keep your energy levels up. Energy bars, biscuits, chocolate, nuts, tinned ham, beef jerky, peanut butter and lots of canned soups are just a few handy foods to fuel you up on your way toMount Everest. Make sure to include snow collection bags that could be later used to melt snow and turn it into hot beverages.

Oxygen tanks and masks are one of the most important pieces of your climbing tips for Mount Everest gear list supplying your body with proper levels of oxygen essential for your well-being. High altitudes conditions considerably lower your body’s oxygen levels and impair your thinking necessary to make quick decisions in rough conditions.

Climbers require numerous lightweight hiking and plastic, lined climbing boots that should certainly be large enough to give space to the feet and reduce the risk of frostbite. Along with good quality boots, the climbers also need to buy several pairs of socks such as trekking, wool and liner socks. Besides, they may also need heating pads and wires to keep the boots warm or they can buy insulated overboots.

Camp gear is an integral piece on your climbing Mount Everest gear list. You will need a durable tent, a high-quality down sleeping bag and pads to place inside your tent for comfort. Staying at Mount Everest Base Camp trek will ensure that you get your body used to high altitude changes and avoid many unpleasant conditions that happen in such conditions.


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