Best Cave Diving Sites in Mexico

Diving is a good adventurous activity, offers you unique experience in seaside. Best Mexico dive sites As a big country with waters in the Caribbean and the Pacific, Mexico has many diving attractions. The Sea of Cortez is a famous place for visits of some of the biggest creatures of the oceans (white sharks and whale sharks). The Riviera Maya is a tourist district in the Caribbean coastline of the Yucatán Peninsula and includes top diving places from Islas Mujeres, Cozumel and the several mysterious Cetones  – a sinkhole in the Earth’s surface with a chain of underground river networks.cave diving

Riviera Maya Diving Site

The world’s best cave diving sites is in the Riviera Maya of Mexico’s Yucatan Caribbean coast from Puerto Morelos traveling south beyond the village of Tulum. Within this 100 kilometer distance includes over 180+ explored, surveyed cave diving systems. With consistent, year-round crystal clear water, relative shallow depths, warm 77 degree Fahrenheit/26 degree celcius temperatures and usually an outstanding array of decorations and speleothems, what better conditions can you ask for? You cannot find a more exceptional concentration of underwater cave systems within such a close proximity providing the cave diver with the best environment to safely dive and enjoy.

Tulum Cave diving

the last few years, the Yucatan Peninsula has become recognized as one of the most popular areas in the world for cave diving places in mexico sites. Caves here have excellent visibility year round, moderate temperatures, minimal currents with shallow depths of 10 to 25 meters and a beauty incomparable to any caves diving in the world. Too, they are easily accessible and within a short distance by car.cave2At Acuatc Tulum we are experienced guides who know the local systems, the best locations and access routes.

Huautla Cave diving

Mexico City we finally arrived in Huautla a little dazed and confused. We met Ernie Garza early in the morning at the bus station; Ernie has been caving in the region for many years and was our fixer, its safe to say wi399812thout Ernie we would have found things very difficult if not impossible to sort out. Once introductions were made Ernie suggested breakfast at Rosita’s, it’s been the meeting place of cavers in the area for many years. Over a welcome meal Ernie outlined a plan and explained how we were to get the final 15km up the road to San Agustin our final destination.

Cavern Diving Center

Cavern Diving is similar to cave diving sites, the difference is that some natural light is visible to you at all times. So cavern divers don’t go as deep into the passages as cave divers do. The cave opening doesn’t need to be visible, just some sort of natural light emanating from that opening. The penetration limit for cavern diving is 200 feet (60 m) from the cave opening. Cavern divers also use a guide line to prevent getting lost, but it’s already attached to the cave floor or wall.


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