Volcano Scuba Diving Locations in Santorini

Santorini is a group of islands, circularly disposed, which form the edge of an active volcano. The diverse and spectacular landscape is owed to a great volcanic eruption, the same one which led to the disappearance of the Minoic civilization. Images of Santorini are most representative of Greece; it is the completely ‘white island’ surrounded by blue waters.

Santorini is famous for its distinguishing volcanic formations ashore as well as underwater. The sea bottom of the island is among the most beautiful and interesting ones in the world, featuring a multitude of underwater caves, reefs, wrecks, rich marine life and the volcano scuba diving. At the same time, Scuba diving offers relaxation in a different world where everything is slower, quieter and calmer.    Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Santorini is definitely one unique and remarkable experience, considering the wonderful underwater world that you will be discovering, all made possible by the volcanic activity of the island, one exceptional phenomenon in the whole sea of the Mediterranean.

Scuba Diving Center

There are several Scuba diving centers in Santorini and one of them is Volcano Santorini Diving Center, which is actually a result of thirty glorious years in quality experience when it comes to teaching scuba divers of the various levels, starting from those who are only after plain pleasure dives to those who are looking for deep wreck Scuba diving in open sea, with a depth that reaches a maximum of 129 meters.

Mediterranean Diving Center

The Mediterranean Scuba Diving Club, established in Perissa Beach in 1998, is a reputed center for Scuba diving and imparts a range of courses, from snorkeling for the beginner, to PADI (Professional Association of Scuba Diving Instructors) advanced open water diving.The MDC is run by Mr. Christos Pozidis, a retired Naval officer, who had served in the underwater demolition unit as a dive bomber instructor for over 15 years.

Volcano Diving Center

The big volcanic explosion has created some magnificent underwater scenery, so Santorini has a lot of divers and many drop offs around the caldera and volcano scuba area. At the dive sites around volcano you can see all the lava formations and find marine life such as lobsters, moray eels, clams and oysters hiding amongst the lava rocks.

Snorkeling Diving Center

f you like experiencing the underwater world without having to put on dive gear or learn how to dive – then snorkeling is for you. We arrange daily snorkeling safaris by boat around the island of Santorini visiting two or three different sites. The scenery varies from dramatic reef and cliff formations, to volcanic areas, caves, underwater canyons and sea grass beds with a rich variety of marine life.


Dangerous Cave Diving Sites in Mexico

It is known as the most dangerous Cave Diving Sites in Mexico.As a big country with waters in the Caribbean and the Pacific, Mexico has many cave diving attractions. The Sea of Cortez is a famous place for visits of some of the biggest creatures of the oceans (white sharks and whale sharks). The Riviera Maya is a tourist district in the Caribbean coastline of the Yucatán Peninsula and includes top cave diving sites places from Islas Mujeres, Cozumel and the several mysterious Cetones (a sinkhole in the Earth’s surface with a chain of underground river networks).                    Cave Diving

Cozumel Dive Sites

When considering where to dive, it is important to understand just how large some of the reef systems can be and how one section might connect with another. One can easily make three different dives in an area called Columbia Deep and never see the same coral. The southern section of Columbia Deep borders on what is known as Punta Sur (South Point) and offers some of the best cave diving sites available in the resort area. At Columbia Deep divers find towering coral that rises from a bottom ranging from 90 to 200 feet to within 50 feet of the surface scattered over a sandy bottom along with impressive sponges, caves diving and tunnels.

Cenote Dive Sites

The Caverns in Mexico or the Riviera Maya Cenotes are in the World Guinness record for the longest cave and cavern dive systems in the world. South of Cancun is home to miles of incredible limestone caverns that were once dry. After thousands of years of dripping rain water, stalagmites and stalactites formed incredible formations that challenge the imagination. Each Cenote Dive Sites is the entrance to an incredible maze of cavern systems which are filled with crystal clear fresh water with over 500 feet visibility making your cavern cave diving adventure unforgettable. Each Cenote has it own unique features making every dive location totally different adventure.

Yucatan Dive Sites

The State of Yucatan has over 3500 Cenotes with many water filled caves diving sites. Most caves are deeper than in Q.Roo in the 130 feet / 40 meter to 200 feet / 60 meter range. The caves are much shorter in penetration distance. Most of the Cenotes are located in remote areas with a steep 30 feet / 9 meter drop from the jungle floor to the water surface.Most of the Cenotes in the Yucatan are Sinkholes with no connected horizontal cave passages. Some of theses Sinkholes exceed 500 feet / 150 meters in depth.

Mayan Riviera

Mexico’s Mayan Riviera, is a cenote, or cave diving sites, known as the ‘Temple of Doom’. The cenote is filled with a mixture of fresh water and salt water, and consists of a large canyon that leads off into other passageways and caverns. There are no stairs leading down to the water, so divers have to enter using a rickety ladder attached to the edge of the cave. The danger of this dive site comes from the labyrinth of passages that are easy to get lost in. Divers that have ventured outside the area lit by daylight have sometime run into problems. A passage known as ‘The Madonna’ has claimed multiple divers’ lives.


Best Cave Diving Sites in Mexico

Diving is a good adventurous activity, offers you unique experience in seaside. Best Mexico dive sites As a big country with waters in the Caribbean and the Pacific, Mexico has many diving attractions. The Sea of Cortez is a famous place for visits of some of the biggest creatures of the oceans (white sharks and whale sharks). The Riviera Maya is a tourist district in the Caribbean coastline of the Yucatán Peninsula and includes top diving places from Islas Mujeres, Cozumel and the several mysterious Cetones  – a sinkhole in the Earth’s surface with a chain of underground river networks.cave diving

Riviera Maya Diving Site

The world’s best cave diving sites is in the Riviera Maya of Mexico’s Yucatan Caribbean coast from Puerto Morelos traveling south beyond the village of Tulum. Within this 100 kilometer distance includes over 180+ explored, surveyed cave diving systems. With consistent, year-round crystal clear water, relative shallow depths, warm 77 degree Fahrenheit/26 degree celcius temperatures and usually an outstanding array of decorations and speleothems, what better conditions can you ask for? You cannot find a more exceptional concentration of underwater cave systems within such a close proximity providing the cave diver with the best environment to safely dive and enjoy.

Tulum Cave diving

the last few years, the Yucatan Peninsula has become recognized as one of the most popular areas in the world for cave diving places in mexico sites. Caves here have excellent visibility year round, moderate temperatures, minimal currents with shallow depths of 10 to 25 meters and a beauty incomparable to any caves diving in the world. Too, they are easily accessible and within a short distance by car.cave2At Acuatc Tulum we are experienced guides who know the local systems, the best locations and access routes.

Huautla Cave diving

Mexico City we finally arrived in Huautla a little dazed and confused. We met Ernie Garza early in the morning at the bus station; Ernie has been caving in the region for many years and was our fixer, its safe to say wi399812thout Ernie we would have found things very difficult if not impossible to sort out. Once introductions were made Ernie suggested breakfast at Rosita’s, it’s been the meeting place of cavers in the area for many years. Over a welcome meal Ernie outlined a plan and explained how we were to get the final 15km up the road to San Agustin our final destination.

Cavern Diving Center

Cavern Diving is similar to cave diving sites, the difference is that some natural light is visible to you at all times. So cavern divers don’t go as deep into the passages as cave divers do. The cave opening doesn’t need to be visible, just some sort of natural light emanating from that opening. The penetration limit for cavern diving is 200 feet (60 m) from the cave opening. Cavern divers also use a guide line to prevent getting lost, but it’s already attached to the cave floor or wall.

Overseas adventure travel tips

Adventure travel is a type of trip or experience that has gained popularity over the past few decades.Adventure travel is incredibly important in helping us make a positive difference to our world. We can play part in ensuring that the beautiful places we visit are not exploited but protected. travel tips

Trekking, hiking, mountain biking, cycling, kayaking, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, surfing, kiteboarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, hand gliding, parasailing, skydiving, bungee jumping, sailing, canyoneering, ziplining, camping, ice climbing, horseshoeing, skating, cross country skiing, snowboarding, skiing, dog sledding, horseback riding, riding a camel or elephant. We promise you’ll always find activities that will provide excitement, fun and get your adrenaline pumping that cater to everyone’s fitness level.

Mount Rushmore Travel Guide

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a United States National Memorial in the west of South Dakota. Featuring the monumental faces of four former Presidents: Washington, Jefferson, (Teddy) Roosevelt, and Lincoln—blasted and carved from the white rock of a mountain, Mount Rushmore is a national icon.

Mount Rushmore is named after Charles E. Mount Rushmore, a New York City attorney who was sent out to this area in 1884 to check legal titles on properties. The giant outcropping of rock was a favorite place that many presidents visited with their families.The four granite faces that give the mountain its greatest claim to fame were carved over a 14-year period (October 4, 1927 – October 31, 1941) by over 400 workers under the supervision of Gutzon Borglum, an American sculptor. Each face is about 60 feet high; if the bodies were to be included, each figure would be about 460 feet high.                                Mount Rushmore

The carving started in 1927, and finished 7 months after Borglum’s death in 1941. Borglum died of an embolism while trying to raise money for the project. His son, Lincoln Borglum, would act as foreman while Borglum was traversing the country to raise funds. After his father’s death, Lincoln made the finishing touches to the mountain before packing up and leaving. The faces from left to right represent George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Mount Rushmore A long boardwalk has been built at the base of Mt. Rushmore which gives you many different views of Mt. Rushmore. Openings have been made in the trees along the boardwalk such that at times you can see only one of the four presidents. Enjoy a meal at the Mt. Rushmore Cafe where you can eat while looking at the four presidents. Several wild animals such as deer and mountain goats roam free around the area.

Keystone, like so many towns in the Black Hills started out as a mining camp. Gold was not the only mineral mined in the Black Hills, and Keystone was home to several mines that produced tin, feldspar, lead, and silver.

Hill City began life as a small mining town during the Black Hills gold rush. A relatively small amount of gold was ever found near the community, but tin mining supported the town economically for many years. Timber also became an important commodity, and sustainable lumber milling is still one of the tiny town’s main industries.

Rapid City is perhaps best-known for Mount Rushmore National Memorial, which is just a few minutes outside the city. The four granite faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt were begun in 1927 and completed in 1941. The presidential tribute, combined with the natural beauty of the surrounding Black Hills and the outdoor recreation it supports, has helped to make Rapid City a vacation destination.

Road trips are as a part of the American culture as hamburgers and 4th of July. Driving through the mountains and plains of the United States is a time-honored tradition for families and young travelers alike. From convertibles to campers, a trip to Mt. Rushmore from Denver is a great summer getaway. Host to about 3 million visitors annually, the mountain sculpture depicting presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln is an American icon and the perfect destination for an all-American weekend.

Wonderful Scuba Diving Center in Honduras

Diving in Honduras is a must for scuba diving center  enthusiasts and beginners alike. Taking advantage of a scuba diving trip to Honduras means going to the best dive sites on island.Honduras is from the cheapest countries of Carrabin which is considered as among the favorite spots for tourists. It’s a country where there is a lot much peace and serenity. It’s a country having wonderful people and also you would not find people more hospital all over the world than the people of Honduras.      Scuba Diving

Morgan’s Diving Centrer

Morgan’s Dive Centre is the only dive shop that goes up to the North Side of the island every morning (depending on weather, of course). The dive sites on the North Side of the island are what have made Utila famous; they are less crowded by other divers and are full of sea creatures and coral! Not to mention there is a greater chance of seeing dolphins and whale sharks while heading north.

Roatan Diving Centrer

The Bay Islands of Honduras, Roatan, Utila and Guanaja have some of the most stunning underwater vistas you will find in the world, an oasis of deep and shallow reef types consisting of a variety of colorful corals, sponges and tropical marine life. With this perfect environment for scuba diving center comes a range of exciting diving options and trips, trained multi lingual dive masters and PADI diving companies with all the latest equipment. Our tropical reef awaits you! Find out more below.

Padi Diving Centrer

PADI scuba diving center courses from Open Water Diver (beginner) to Instructor and a variety of Specialty diver lessons using the PADI system of diver education and their latest training materials.You or your group gets your personal dive instructor. He/she will take as much time as necessary to insure that everybody gets the best training possible. We want people to have a fun class and a good time rather than pushing them through.All our scuba dive instructors have several years of teaching experience. We teach in several languages.

Utila Diving Centrer

CUBA dive in Utila. It’s smaller and cheaper to visit than it’s bigger next door neighbor, the island of Roatán. Because of it’s popularity, there are many dive shops on Utila, and it can be hard to choose one.That’s why my buddy Richard and I teamed up to check out a bunch of different Utila dive shops and find the best deal for an Open Water Diving Center Course.